Nick Lynch


Pre Construction Director
A lifelong Kansas City resident, Nick checks the science of all we do. After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering, Nick began building his resume by working on healthcare projects. Since then, he’s broadened his MEP design, construction management, and assessment work to markets including education, culture, and workplace.

A technical mastermind, Nick never seems to skip a beat. And as our pre construction director, he manages all project development functions including overseeing our team of pre-construction managers, pre-construction engineers, and estimators. One thing he takes seriously is his focus on making the end-user’s vision a reality, which he does by providing guidance to our design teams from the initial conception through final design. Not to mention, his calm and dedicated disposition is the perfect blend for getting the job done right — the first time. Thanks to people like Nick, who will always create a light-hearted atmosphere in the office, we enjoy coming to work as much as we enjoy the work itself. Everyone on our team makes a significant impact to all incoming and outgoing work, and it’s no question Nick belongs right here with us.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    University of Missouri-Kansas City

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