Our leaders inspire us, drive us to pursue our core values, and are actually pretty fun to hang out with, too.

Jamison Clark

Vice President of Construction Operations

Kansas City
Nick Lynch

Vice President of Project Development

Kansas City
Travis Short

Vice President of Commissioning

Kansas City
Earl Wilcox

Vice President of Mission Critical

Kansas City
Joseph Chick

Director Construction Operations | Construction Management Technical Leader

Kansas City
Scott Crain

Director Construction Engineering

Kansas City
Jason Jenkins

Central Regional Manager

Kansas City
Jon Jensen

Western Regional Manager

Greg Johnson

Director Business Development

Kansas City
Shane Lutz

Design & Construction Executive | Board of Directors

Kansas City
John Pozzetta

Eastern Regional Manager

Scott Saia

ELDB Electrical Technical Leader

Kansas City
Tracy Wagoner

Electrical & Elevator Technical Leader

Kansas City
Bart Walkup

ELDB Mechanical Technical Leader

Kansas City
Greg York

Grocery & Distribution Sector Design & Construction Director

Kansas City