Delivering ongoing systems performance

To us, the phrase — life of the building — has multiple meanings. First, is the actual lifetime of the building. We believe no project is ever truly finished even after the grand opening. We’re there as a trusted adviser throughout the life of the building to help maintain, operate, monitor, and understand your new space. Together with Henderson Engineers, we leverage expertise in every building system. Our goal is to make the industry and the building process better and more collaborative.

Second, the building systems we work with literally bring buildings to life. People may not really think about the systems we touch. They are often the unseen elements tucked away in the ceiling, walls, and floors but without things like light, warmth, safety, water, and Wi-Fi — a building is simply a structure. That’s why to us, life of the building also means what take place in the buildings — the life that happens there. We want to deliver welcoming environments where people can advance thought, drive industry, or come together to celebrate.

We have always been a company that believes in building life and helping people reach their full potential. It’s an inherent part of our culture, and it’s part of what makes us different. We apply that same mentality to our projects and the people who will live their lives in our buildings — the end users. We don’t want to be a typical contractor simply replacing equipment; we want to deliver environments where people can do more. We care about building life. That’s how we help our customers and their customers reach their full potential as well.