Preparing Construction Projects Now for Surge After COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the construction industry in many ways. Measures have been taken to protect our health and wellbeing as citizens, which has caused some projects to pause and delayed start dates for others. We’re confident that, when the curve has flattened, the industry will return as strong as ever, and when that happens, it’s important to be ready for projects to restart.

As a transparent construction management partner, we recommend that you follow the steps below and have provided answers to some frequently asked questions on how to best position your company and projects when regular working conditions return.

  • Spend very little money (up front, compared to the cost of the project) during this uncertain time to understand the parameters around your project.
  • Send an advance team to assess, scope, and price.
  • Get your funding lined up and approved.
  • Make preliminary equipment selections, and even get submittals and approvals.
  • Be first in line at the factory for production.
  • Line up contractors that will otherwise be slammed when the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

What are the key components of a well-executed assessment?

A well-executed assessment will serve to comprehensively define the scope, schedule, and budget of your project. These key components take into consideration current market conditions related to the sourcing of materials, equipment, and labor. Our project development team is in constant communication with trade partners, staying up to date on factors that could impact project budget and/or schedule from a construction management standpoint.

What is the estimated cost and schedule for an assessment?

Assessment costs generally range between 0.5% and 1.5% of anticipated construction costs and can be performed in as little as two weeks. The project development team is always on queue to accept even the most challenging of projects. Having a project queued prior to the reopening of the U.S. economy sets the stage for successfully avoiding impacts due to increased demand.

With current stay-at-home orders in place, our project development team members can efficiently assess projects while maintaining safe social distancing protocols.

What effects do current market conditions have on the supply chain?

Many of our equipment manufacturer partners have remained in operation during shutdowns. As the economy reactivates into operation, these portions of the supply chain will likely experience a wave of pent-up demand, which could cause significant delays. Our team can assist in planning and placing equipment in the production line early to ensure that our equipment is ahead of the anticipated spike in demand.

Sourcing of materials from overseas manufacturing can also have impacts on the supply chain, depending on lockdowns that occurred outside of our borders.

Labor sources can also be heavily influenced as we reopen the economy. Construction projects that are expected to restart are anticipated to consume much of the labor sources, creating cost and/or schedule impacts on new projects due to labor demands. Having projects ready to start when reopening occurs will place new projects in the same mix as those picking up where they left off.

How can the Henderson Building Solutions project development team help mitigate this?

Fluidity in all supply chain sources will likely have impacts on all facets of a project, but none more so than schedule. Our project development team can assist in planning by keeping a constant pulse on presence of our trade partners in various markets, keeping our projects ahead of those that are expected to flood supply. We can do this by strategically planning early equipment procurement, parallel-pathing equipment fabrication, and expediting sourcing of materials and/or labor to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

Sample Construction Timeline


Outlined above is a sample project timeline. Variability in equipment fabrication through performance of the work can push projects well past their intended completion date, potentially delaying reentry into markets.

Our Henderson Building Solutions team is here to assist you with proactive preparation. You can count on our construction management, commissioning, and engineer-led design-build expertise to help position your project ahead of the competition. Contact us to help stay on track. Relationships are our top priority; we’re with you for the long haul and life of your building.


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