Greg Johnson

Director of Business Development

The director of business development for Henderson Building Solutions, Greg Johnson manages our client relationships. He is perfectly suited for the role, bringing 20 years of experience working for construction companies, electrical suppliers, and an energy service company before joining our team in 2016. Thanks to his background in the construction industry, Greg knows what it takes to help clients navigate the building process. His ability to get to the heart of understanding our clients’ needs equips our team to deliver the best solution through innovative engineering, commissioning, or engineer-lead design build construction services. Greg knows better than anyone how much the work performed by Henderson Building Solutions positively affects lives every day. Whether it’s someone recuperating in a hospital or a child going to school, Greg’s favorite part of the job is that he gets to be a part of something extraordinary: helping people. Outside of the office, Greg loves to golf — he wouldn’t be in sales if he didn’t — and loves to hang out with his family. It’s quite the game changer when you have employees like Greg who are excited about the work they do, and we’re even more excited to have him on board with us.