Henderson Unveils Elevator Air Quality & Cab Cleaning System

As time goes on, there seems to be more and more reasons to focus on improving indoor air quality (IAQ). Whether in allergens, pollutants, smells, or even the unknown potential for infection spread, the general public is expecting the air they breathe in the buildings in which they live, work, and play to be filtered or treated. For years, facility owners and operators have had a multitude of options for their buildings’ HVAC systems, but an area that has often been left untreated are the small, enclosed, unconditioned elevators. Henderson Building Solutions offer a solution for this concern — an elevator cab cleaning system which reverses the standard airflow and introduces an air purifying system that can be applied to any elevator, regardless of manufacturer or conveyance type.


The air in your hoistway contains contaminants created by movement of people and machinery which is introduced into your elevator cab. This includes dust and human excreted particulate which needs to be removed in order to create a safer elevator environment for your riders.


In addition to industry leading MERV 14 filtration, our system includes pre and post filtration patented Active Particle Control. Active Particle Control is independently verified to kill germicidal contaminants and deactivate all viral contaminants that it has been tested against. Additionally, Active Particle Control assists in clumping particles so that they settle out of the air stream more rapidly and, being larger, are subject to capture in the final system filter.

Three Stage Cleaning Elevator Process


▪ Unfiltered hoistway air enters through pre-filter system.

▪ Pre-filtered air enters initial Active Particle Control (APC) chamber to deactivate contaminants and assist with clumping.

▪ MERV 14 filter captures particles and deactivated contaminants.

▪ Air then passes through secondary APC chamber to permit treated air to continue combining particles and help them drop out of the air stream faster.

▪ Air is moved by a high efficiency fan into the elevator cab as quickly and quietly as possible.


▪ Elevator cab cleaning system to replace the exhaust on top of an elevator car

▪ System is capable of one complete elevator cab air change every 17 seconds

▪ UL Certified and fully code compliant

▪ User selectable 3-speed fan for maximum flexibility on each elevator car

▪ Simplicity of maintenance:

– Change out pre-filter once every six months

– Change MERV 14 Filter once every three years


We found a considerate reduction rate of particulates reading in parts per million (PPM):

▪ A 10.0 micron range reduced to 0 count for 100% reduction

▪ 2.5 micron reduced to 0 for 100% reduction

▪ 0.3 micron reduced to less than 0.10PPM for over a 75% reduction

It is of note that as the untreated elevator cab PPM continued to rise over the test, the treated cab continued to decline down to a final reading of 0.065 PPM.


Historically, the industry hasn’t focused on what happens once a project is complete. That’s why we exist — to provide a seamless bridge from design to construction to ongoing maintenance. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Engineers, we’re your transparent partner, to assess, plan, deliver, and sustain holistic solutions for the life of the building. Together, Henderson makes buildings work.


Tracy Wagoner

Senior Electrical Systems Manager | Associate | Henderson Building Solutions

tracy.wagoner@hendersonbuilding.com | (913) 742-5333

Greg Johnson

Director of Business Development | Henderson Building Solutions

greg.johnson@hendersonbuilding.com | (913) 742-5663


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