Jon Jensen, a senior commissioning technician with Henderson Building Solutions, recently earned the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Commissioning Certified Technician (CxCT) accreditation.

To obtain the CxCT certification, Jensen passed an exam on the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to assess, test, and evaluate building systems for technical performance. The exam covered pre-functional and functional testing, mechanical system troubleshooting, preparing commissioning reports, job site safety, equipment calibration, and testing and balancing control systems.

“This certification really opens doors and qualifies us for more work in the Las Vegas region,” Jensen noted.

Following his graduation from Iowa State in 2014, Jensen immediately joined Henderson and has traveled extensively to assist clients. He particularly enjoys the relationship aspect of his position.

“As a commissioning agent, you’re really looking out for your client’s interests,” Jensen said. “The construction process can be hectic but being solutions-driven really brings a calm to the storm.”

By receiving this certification, Jensen has established himself as an expert in his field – demonstrating his commitment to his clients and their interests.

To learn more about our commissioning services, contact Henderson Building Solutions General Manager David DeBiasse.

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