What is a Facility Condition Assessment?

There is a fundamental balance between functionality and maintenance. When something happens to disrupt either one, the operation of the facility is at risk. Maybe you’re faced with functional issues like consistent hot/cold calls or dealing with the compounded effects of deferred maintenance. A facility condition assessment can help restore balance in your building systems operation. At Henderson Building Solutions, we help our clients address issues and manage improvements to restore harmony in their building systems.

We take an in-depth look at your facility during an assessment — mostly how the building is operating with respect to the integrated systems within the space — and then make recommendations. In addition, we provide a schedule and investment-grade estimate to implement these solutions because solutions are only valuable if they are actionable. Our team’s technical expertise and construction background help us guide owners through the assessment process and deliver a plan that matches the facility’s maintenance needs, budget requirements, and code updates.

Types of Facility Condition Assessments

We understand every owner has specific budget needs and facility downtime expectations. In some cases, there may be limited knowledge of the facility’s building systems depending on staff tenure. Whether the scope focuses on a single piece of infrastructure or entails a comprehensive assessment of the entire building, understanding the intricacies involved with each project can mean a world of difference.

Infrastructure-Focused Assessments

Infrastructure-focused assessments have a targeted scope. This type of assessment is often the best choice for owners who have an idea of where problems are originating from or what systems may need replacement. For example, if there is a problem with an air handler, chiller, or boiler, an assessment can be done on that equipment and any associated systems. Once solutions are identified, many of our clients struggle to dedicate staff to implement the improvements. That’s why we provide everything they need to manage the project. Our assessment report outlines exactly how the work should be performed and if any business functions will be affected during the upgrade, including any possible downtime.

Full-Facility Assessments

Full-facility assessments take a high-level look at all the building systems to create a clear picture of current infrastructure. We check:

  • mechanical systems like HVAC, boilers, air handlers, and chillers;
  • electrical systems like life safety, operating room isolation panels, and emergency power systems;
  • plumbing systems such as domestic water systems, sanitary sewer, and medical gas.

A major consideration in this process is to make sure each system not only functions but performs properly in concert with the other systems. This process also verifies project logistics, code compliant parameters, unoccupied space times, and more. A full-facility assessment report includes a list of current capital, its anticipated useful life, a timeline to upgrade or replace the equipment, and opportunities to improve efficiency and energy consumption.

Full-facility condition assessments are helpful for owners who want to know how the facility is performing or if they need to address budget considerations. The beauty of an assessment report is that it can take the guesswork out of building systems master planning. Using the actual data collected, owners can make an informed decision on capital improvement and stretch their investments further by accounting for future needs.

This type of assessment is also useful for those looking to purchase real estate, by essentially giving them a “look under the hood.” The assessment report provides them insight for potential infrastructure costs that can impact their investment. At Henderson Building Solutions, we believe it is important to make every solution actionable. Every assessment report we produce is complete with a detailed plan and proposal to implement the suggested solutions. If an owner is just looking for guidance and is not ready to implement recommendations, the estimated schedule and budget can be used for future projects.

Making the Most of a Facility Condition Assessment

Putting a good field team together can make all the difference in optimizing a facility for the future, and no one knows building systems quite like we do. Our team is made up of seasoned construction managers, commissioning agents, field staff, and engineers. We pair a project developer (the person responsible for the reporting and carrying out the recommendation) with either a construction manager, senior-level engineer, or both, depending on the project complexity. Combining the field experience of a construction manager and the technical expertise of an engineer allows us to provide the most effective solutions.

If you’re struggling to maintain the balance between functionality and maintenance, we can help. Request a facility condition assessment and let us help you restore balance in your building systems. Our team is ready to help you sleep at night, knowing you’re prepared for what the future holds for your facility.

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