When the time came to create and execute a master plan, Henderson Building Solutions was the partner that VanTrust Real Estate and Two Pershing needed. The Henderson team took care in analyzing and documenting the condition of this building’s infrastructure, including the controls system as well as the remaining useful life of existing equipment. We then developed a five-year master plan to implement the recommended upgrades.

Following the master plan, Henderson Building designed a complete controls replacement/upgrade for the building, replacing all unitary and central controllers, along with most sensors and actuators. The controls were programmed to optimize energy performance and improve environmental control within the building. Equipment near the end of its life was replaced with updated, more efficient units. The construction documents provided a phased implementation plan to allow the building to remain in operation throughout the duration of construction.

Throughout the project, installation went smoothly with no change orders caused by unforeseen conditions because of the detailed field verification our team completed, ensuring all drawings accurately depicted existing conditions.


Kansas City, MO

Project Size

Approx. 500,000 SF


Building Monitoring & Controls Systems, Commissioning & Retro-Commissioning, Construction Management, Energy Audit & Analysis


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