A top-10 largest retailer in the United States, Target has more than 1,800 stores and a presence in all fifty states. By continuously monitoring systems and reviewing processes to find potential improvement opportunities, Target consistently provides customers and employees with top-of-the-line service and goods. When Target identified that regularly scheduled product cooler replacements or upgrades across all of their store locations would enhance end-user experience, they knew they could rely on Henderson Building Solutions to get the job done.

Henderson Building has performed a number of projects throughout the United States for Target including refrigerant conversions, end-of-life walk-in cooler/freezer replacements, and various refrigeration system surveys. With the scope of each project typically entailing critical shutdowns and installs, we ensured no product loss and minimal interruption to operations through transparent communication and coordination efforts with necessary facility personnel. By closely managing project schedules, subcontractors, and Target’s highly-defined process, our team was able to not only meet all specifications but complete each project on schedule with a typical turn around of no more than three weeks.

We are happy to say we’re one of few companies that can perform true design-build work on projects like these. With dedicated refrigeration engineers in-house, Henderson Building is able to provide both engineering and construction management services in-house to help Target exceed end user expectations time and again.


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