Jon Jensen

Senior Commissioning Technician

When it comes to the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to assess, test, and troubleshoot building systems for technical performance, Jon has it all. A National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Commissioning Certified Technician (CxCT), Jon is an expert in his field with a robust knowledge of building systems as well as troubleshooting, preparing commissioning reports, ensuring job site safety, equipment calibration, and test and balance controls. Working with clients on a nationwide scale, his communication and organizational skills, along with a passion for helping people and solving problems, make Jon an undeniable asset to owners during the design and construction process and throughout the life of their buildings. He puts as much emphasis on collaboration as he does on the functionality of the systems he works with; owners know their interests are accounted for and they’ll always be kept in the loop with Jon on their team.