Not every company can say they touch the lives of 30 percent of American adults each year. Or that they work with half our country’s doctors and hospitals - Quest Diagnostics can. One of their laboratories was experiencing cooling issues. Henderson Building Solutions assessed the facility and determined the system required additional capacity and redundancy. Our team managed the addition of a 450-ton chiller, cooling tower, primary chilled water pump, and condensing unit to their central plant. We also addressed subsequent automation systems upgrades.

In order to retrofit the electrical systems to accommodate the new equipment, our team had to shut down half the building’s electrical system and stop the chiller plant to install other support equipment. The lab equipment in this part of the building added to the complexity of the shutdown requiring careful coordination between Henderson Building and the Quest IT team. Our team was able to support the facility team at Quest to identify and improve the performance of their building systems.


Lenexa, KS

Project Size

Approx. 1,000 SF


Construction Management


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