The Olathe School District, nationally recognized for academic excellence, is the fastest growing school district in the Kansas City area. Known for its innovative teaching practices and continuous growth, the district is committed to providing quality education for students of all grade levels.

In order to meet demand and ease overcrowding, the district brought on Henderson Engineers to design and Henderson Building Solutions to commission the building systems for their tenth middle school. The newest middle school, adapted from Olathe’s most recently completed junior high, features a familiar and functional layout, complete with classrooms for each grade level with shared common areas. The building also provides students with two gymnasiums, a natatorium, fine arts and special programs, a theatre/auditorium, a cafeteria, and administrative areas.

Our team not only completed owner training sessions on behalf of the Olathe schools for HVAC and lighting systems connected to the Siemens BAS, but also created a preventative maintenance plan for the school’s systems. Dedicated to being a partner for the life of the building, we’re providing ongoing monitoring, service coordination, and warranty coordination to ensure the school is functioning the way it’s supposed to be while in use.


Olathe, KS

Project Size

Approx. 100,000 SF


Building Monitoring & Controls Systems, Commissioning


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