Following his Consulting-Specifying Engineer webcast covering arc flash mitigation on Sept. 17, Henderson Building Solutions Senior Electrical Systems Manager/Associate Tracy Wagoner helped author a “Your Questions Answered” story that was the second-most read article on the leading engineering publication’s website last week.

Wagoner and his co-presenter Zia Salami discussed major codes and standards related to arc flash mitigation design such as NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584.1, other industry practices, design techniques including pros and cons to reduce arc flash incident energy, and how to use electrical power system software to simulate different mitigation approaches and system operations. The duo emphasized that mitigating arc flash through design is paramount to electrical safety.

Wagoner has spent decades in the field taming electrical systems, assisting with commissioning, and helping his clients with maintenance planning. A man of many talents, he’s the guy who can get to the heart of almost any problem and fix it from the inside out as a master electrician and code guru. From his involvement in electrical project planning to his focus on providing seamless integration of new equipment to his level-headed leadership as the elevator & conveyance systems expert for Henderson, he can regularly be found training clients on how to use and work on some of the most powerful systems in a building.

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