Meet Our Commissioning Team

Building commissioning is one of the best risk management strategies in the construction industry — because regardless of whether a facility is new construction or under renovation, nothing is more important than the constructability, functionality, and maintainability of a space.

A client-focused, solutions-driven approach to commissioning is one of our team’s greatest strengths at Henderson Building Solutions. We bring value by helping to resolve issues, foster collaboration, and drive projects to completion. Whether we’re acting as an extension of facility staff or training existing personnel on system integrations and maintenance procedures, we bridge the gap between design intent and construction. Whether a building is brand new, looking for a simple upgrade, or has seen better days and needs a full renovation, we can help. In fact, we’re known in the industry for helping solve tough building challenges that no one else can.

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Our robust commissioning team is full of experienced and talented members who can work on commissioning projects anywhere in the U.S. (and Canada). Allow us to introduce you to our all-star team of experts and the magnitude of what we can accomplish with each of them on #TeamHenderson:

Ben Oswald – Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Ben might be famous for his ability to take down giant stacks of pancakes at the annual Henderson pancake eating contest, but he’s even more famous for his ability to solve problems in the field. Ben’s on-site experience makes him comfortable in all settings including healthcare, retail, and laboratories.

Brandon Kersting – Commissioning Technician (Las Vegas)

Consistent and reliable, Brandon is someone you can always count on. A people-person who loves the thrill of competition, if you ever need an all-star addition to your hockey team, Brandon is your guy. Fishing, camping, or snowboarding in his free time, his heart truly belongs outdoors.

Bruce Franken – Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Pretty much everyone in our headquarters knows Bruce from his days on the Henderson facilities team. Now he brings his unique perspective as a former facility operator into every job he works on, being just as ever-present and reliable for our clients and their ongoing needs as he was for us. One Olathe West High School student even thought Bruce was a teacher at the school since he’s always there.

Cameron Lucero – Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Cameron is out of this world, and as our resident controls expert, he speaks the sometimes confusing language of controls & programming flawlessly. It’s no coincidence that this man just happens to hail from Roswell, New Mexico, the UFO capital of the world.

Dustin Harmon – Senior Site Observation Specialist (Kansas City)

Nobody travels more than Dustin Harmon. Always willing to jump on a plane to go wherever our clients need him, Dustin is the epitome of service. It’s no wonder that Dustin is a recent winner of our Living the Purpose award for his continuous charitable work.

Grant Metsker – Senior Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Grant has single-handedly managed the successful Dave & Buster’s Cx program for the past several years, using his other hand to cheer on the Kansas Jayhawks as a devoted fan. Interesting how he always seems a little happier and more talkative during football and basketball seasons.

Greg York – Commissioning Agent (Kansas City)

Greg is a highly technical and experienced Cx agent and is currently handling all our Cx team’s scheduling and proposal requests. Balancing that is a big-time juggling act, it’s no wonder Greg excels in bar and yard games. Word of advice: do not attempt to play him in billiards, darts, bags, or washers…you will lose.

Jim Thornton – Lead Commissioning Agent (Houston)

Jim is one of our most technical and experienced Cx agents. So, it’s fitting that he’s responsible for technical training and leadership within Henderson Building. A Certified Energy Manager (among other certifications), Jim is a self-proclaimed tinkerer and is most at home in a central utility plant — tinkering.

Jon Jensen – Senior Commissioning Technician (Las Vegas)

Jon loves challenges. So, when Henderson Building decided to put a Cx tech in Las Vegas, Jon eagerly volunteered. He’s now leading the charge for Clark County School District. Jon likes other challenges too, like hiking, mountaineering, and is currently taking a class in canyoning. Yes, that’s a real thing, just ask Jon.

Jonathan Baumgarner – Senior Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Jonathon came to Henderson Building after relocating from Oklahoma and we’ve kept him busy working on Cx projects from coast to coast ever since. When he’s not traveling the country, he’s rooting for his beloved Sooners or jamming out on drums and guitar.

Mark Blevins – Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Mark is a proud K-State alumnus. He’s married with one son and a girl on the way. His projects at Henderson Building consist mainly of Dave & Busters and giving Grant a hard time. When he’s not working, he enjoys watching his cats and working on old cars and trucks.

Matt Lavarda – Commissioning Technician (Dallas)

If you had to envision a Cx tech from Texas, what would you think of first? Hardworking, God-fearing, Dallas Cowboy’s loving, former football player? Yep, you just met Matt.

Mitchell Kerr – Commissioning Technician (Kansas City)

Mitchell is our resident TAB (Test and Balance) specialist and has performed work all over the country (are you seeing a theme here?). If you’ve met Mitchell, you’d probably remember him for his great personality and his long flowing locks. It just so happens that Mitchell is also an accomplished runner, so if you see him running on the street don’t be shy, and yell an encouraging, “Go Mitchell!”

Tim Zans – Commissioning Process Manager (Kansas City)

Tim has been writing all of Henderson Building’s functional tests and custom test scripts since we launched in 2013. He must really love what he does too, he gets to work at 5:00 AM. Every day.

While you can see our presence is growing in several of our offices across the country, our team isn’t afraid to hop on a plane to wherever a client needs us. Henderson Building Solutions has a tremendous amount of field experience troubleshooting and optimizing systems for clients coast-to-coast. Give us a call, we’d love to work with you on your next project.

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