Henderson Shares Elevator Infection Control Expertise in IAVM Venue Professional Magazine

Henderson Building Solutions was highlighted prominently in the September/October issue of IAVM’s Venue Professional magazine with an article covering infection control strategies in elevators. Written by Construction Manager Barbara Hoppas and Senior Electrical Systems Manager/Associate Tracy Wagoner, the piece focuses on creating spaces that will feel safe again during post COVID-19 events, and elevators will play a huge role in that process.

Hoppas and Wagoner outlined solutions to assist venue managers with long-term planning for their facilities. They noted the importance of placing attention on infection control, which can be completed with little time and financial investment. The duo also explained the benefits of a HEPA filter unit that can be installed with UV lighting.

Other solutions included touchless interfaces, using voice recognition in place of buttons, along with foot-operated or toe-touch elevator buttons. Another technology that addresses surface contaminants is the application of UV or UV-adjacent indigo lighting. A technology commonly used in medical facilities and occasionally athletic locker rooms, other industries are now considering utilizing light in spaces to destroy microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. UVc lighting, which is a specific wavelength range of ultraviolet light, has proven to be the most effective for infection control but is still not recommended for direct exposure.

Henderson Building has also developed an elevator cab cleaning system solution which reverses the standard airflow and introduces an air purifying system that can be applied to any elevator, regardless of manufacturer or conveyance type.

As a true partner to our clients, we assess, plan, and deliver the right elevator system and conveyance system solutions to meet their needs in a completely transparent way. We act on your behalf to deliver assessments, commissioning, and consulting along with solutions like modernization, replacement, or upgrades. Our solutions work, they’re maintainable, and will provide the ultimate level of safety and comfort for building occupants. As your trusted partner, we’ll help you make informed decisions that enhance the performance and safety of your elevator and conveyance systems.

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