Henderson Building Solutions Receives Infrared Thermography Certification from IRISS

Henderson Building Solutions recently received IRISS certification for infrared thermography.  Henderson Building Solutions employee, Tracy Wagoner, completed the training course required for certification by IRISS. Henderson has previously completed infrared thermography projects with Wagoner’s prior certification.

Infrared thermography is the use of equipment to detect energy emitted from an object that is then converted to temperature and provides an image display of the temperature distribution. Henderson Building Solutions, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Engineers, uses infrared imaging systems to validate normal operations and locate thermal anomalies, which indicate possible faults or defects within electrical systems, mechanical equipment, and building applications.

“This new certification adds to the array of services offered by Henderson Building Solutions,” said David DeBiasse, general manager of Henderson Building Solutions. “This new training and certification re-enforces our ability to quickly identify the source of difficult problems, saving our clients valuable time while avoiding costly system outages.”

IRISS recently approached Henderson Building Solutions about hosting ongoing training and education at their headquarters in Kansas City. Like the recent certification received by Henderson Building Solutions staff, IRISS offers operators training on how to use IR windows and ultrasound ports correctly and will begin hosting those training classes at Henderson Building Solutions’ headquarters immediately.

“IRISS is a global leader in electrical maintenance safety devices and ultrasound training. This partnership will help our engineers and staff with the next generation of testing and preventative maintenance equipment, which in turn will help with future designs,” said Wagoner, a construction manager for Henderson Building Solutions. “IRISS was thoroughly impressed with our technical prowess, the quality of our building, the full IT infrastructure in each room, and especially the professionalism and friendliness of our staff members.”

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