Due to COVID-19, venues have seen cancellations across the board and are already considering what reopening will look like. When the doors reopen and concerts, sporting events, conferences, or other large-crowd events resume, ensuring the venue feels safe for fans and patrons will be critical. To do this,we need to design spaces that allow better social distancing amongst large crowds and find strategies to control any potential spread of infection.

View the PDF below to read the venue design guidelines for infection control.

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Kevin Lewis

Venue Practice Director | Principal
As someone who received collegiate scholarships for both baseball and track — and is still a sports fan to the core — Kevin Lewis is perfectly suited to serve as the director of Henderson’s sports practice. For the past 20 years, Kevin has developed, managed, and designed multiple high-profile arenas, stadiums, and practice facilities nationwide. With a focus on furthering sustainability in the sports industry, Kevin has managed the design of more than a dozen LEED-Certified sports projects.