Due to COVID-19, the restaurant industry has endured significant losses, including loss of jobs, sales, and in extreme cases, total loss of business. But despite these losses, the industry continues to overcome challenges, implementing unique solutions like contactless food delivery to keep business afloat. When it’s safe for restaurants to reopen their doors, it will be critical to ensure that customers feel safe during their dining experience. To help restaurants adhere to local requirements regarding social distancing and infection control protocols, we can provide design strategies that will help control any potential spread of infection.

View the PDF below to read the restaurant design guidelines for infection control.

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Brian Sander

Restaurant Practice Director | Principal
As an associate vice president and the director of our restaurant practice, Brian Sander knows about all things eatery – and what it takes to navigate these often challenging spaces. An expert in the evolution of the eating out experience, whether it’s fast food or fine-dining Brian keeps the big picture in mind, even when diving deep into the technical details of complex projects and programs. Throughout his more than two decades with Henderson, Brian has been an important part of many successful restaurant programs; because of this expertise, he fully understands the unique building systems needs of restaurants, like being able to handle the high temperatures of cooking equipment while maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable experience for guests. His years of mechanical systems design have sent him all over the country, ensuring he’s well-versed in the codes and regulations of some of the strictest regions. And while he'd rather eat out than cook any night of the week, when it comes to executing detail and consistency, Brian always makes sure quality is on the menu.