K-12 Education: Preparing Your Schools For COVID Relief Funding

As additional government funding becomes available as a result of the latest COVID relief package, schools that spent previous funds on short-term solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, are shifting their focus to apply these dollars to long-term strategies. Making it safe for students and staff to return to the classroom full-time means carefully evaluating educational facilities to assess how infection control protocols are being met and how social distancing is being accommodated.

To make the most of these additional funds, it’s also important to identify and prioritize building and system upgrades and necessary updates throughout your district or campus. This could take the form of addressing aging infrastructure and long-neglected deficiency logs or emphasizing air filtration and improving air quality by upgrading HVAC equipment. Below are a variety of measures that can be taken when considering suitable options specific to your district’s needs.

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Community Sector K-12 Education Practice Director


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