In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery has been the only category of retail able to provide consumers with the essential goods they need to survive, all while maintaining public health and safety. Because of this, grocery stores across the country are making significant strides to pivot and ramp up production to handle the increased demand of goods. Social distancing, improved cleaning procedures, and amplified online ordering and delivery capabilities are examples of the measures being taken to implement infection control policies. To keep the country fueled after the COVID-19 curve flattens, we need to identify which of these measures should become lasting design changes in the long term.

View the PDF below to read the grocery design guidelines for infection control.

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Tony Welter

Grocery Practice Director | Principal
Tony Welter, a vice president and our grocery practice director, has a way of making others feel at ease. Outgoing and quick witted, he has never met a stranger during his two decades of expanding roles with Henderson. Tony found his home at Henderson in 2001, and since then, his grocery and refrigeration industry expertise has helped shape supermarket trends for many top grocery retailers, likely including one in your neighborhood. Working directly with owners, architects, and manufacturers on developing new technologies and design improvements, Tony is a master at staying on the forefront of current trends in an everchanging industry. One of the ways he does this is by representing Henderson nationally on the ASHRAE Refrigeration Committee. Tony knows the importance of efficiently delivering cost and energy savings on projects while maintaining the quality that is a staple of Henderson’s designs. Backed by ongoing research and significant experience – including a highly successful tenure as our director of refrigeration – Tony is sought after to speak nationally at grocery and refrigeration conferences. A family man through and through, we’re fortunate Tony is an integral part of ours at Henderson.