COVID-19: Doing Our Part

Henderson Friends, Clients, and Partners,

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt across the economy and our daily lives in an unprecedented way. Like you, one of our primary concerns is to safeguard and protect the health of our employees, clients, partners, and their families. As part of our business continuity plan, we began implementing social distancing precautions, employee travel restrictions, and increased remote working capabilities over a week ago to do our part to help reduce the potential exposure and transmission of this virus.

Here are the steps we’re taking to ensure the safety of our employees (and everyone they interact with) while also working to provide the same level of service and support our clients have come to depend on.

  • Remote Working/Technology: Most Henderson employees are now working remotely to allow us to implement social distancing protocols in all our offices. Our employees are here and available, even in this constantly changing business environment, to deliver the same level of client service you have come to expect from Henderson, it will just be delivered from different locations. Our staff is well-equipped to work remotely, and we have taken steps as a firm to expand our technology to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible.
  • Travel Restrictions: All Henderson employees have been strongly encouraged not to travel at this time. With offices across the country, we may have the capability to provide “local” service even if a client’s main Henderson contact is in a different location. Employees traveling to certain areas — or those who are going on a cruise — will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return.
  • Meetings/Events/Conferences: We have cancelled or postponed all meetings, events, and conferences we had planned to attend or host for the next 60 days. Meetings are now all being held virtually.
  • Focus on Health/Hygiene: Of utmost priority is keeping people healthy and following CDC guidelines of washing hands, avoiding close contact, and staying home if we’re sick.

The encouraging news is that we’ve got amazing clients and partners — that’s you — and together, we’ve already solved all kinds of interesting challenges.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need any kind of help with your clients, in your facilities, or within your community. Email us at or contact your favorite engineer directly. Helping is exactly what we love to do.





Rich Smith

President & CEO, Henderson Engineers

Henderson Building Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Engineers

Written By

President Emeritus


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