The world as we know it has changed dramatically over the past couple of weeks, but construction is considered essential to health and safety, and we must agree. That means things for us are still moving. At Henderson Building Solutions, we are equipped to tackle your infrastructure and other project needs and committed to delivering solutions. Below is an update on the current state of the construction market. Due to a quickly changing market, this information is constantly being modified. For exact timelines on each of your projects, please get a hold of your Henderson Building project manager.

  • Chillers and Air Handlers
    • Manufacturers are anticipating no slowdown in production for now as their factories are still in operation. In fact, they are ready for bookings.
  • Boilers
    • Most of the major equipment and materials needed are sourced and fabricated within the U.S., which means that for now manufacturers are not indicating a slowdown in the manufacturing or delivery of equipment.
  • Generators
    • We’ve heard from multiple manufacturers that generator plants are either limited or completely shut down. Stock is available right now, but for only as long as supplies last.
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
    • These are still running at the standard eight to 14 delivery depending on what options were ordered. However, we’ve have been cautioned that this could absolutely change at any time due to social distancing restrictions on workers.
  • Elevator Controls
    • Manufacturers appear to still be stocked on parts and on schedule for the next 60 to 90 days. Current delivery times are six to 10 weeks, which is a pretty standard timeframe. We have seen some issues with stock coming from heavily impacted areas that may lead to as much as 18 weeks for delivery. Make sure and speak with your project manager if you have questions on whether your projects may be affected.
  • Electronic Fixtures and Stations
    • These are running around nine to 12 weeks, similar to elevator controllers right now, but are at risk of a shut down due to the supply chain.
  • Traction Machines
    • Most gearheads for traction machines come from China or Italy; however, delivery times are still running around 12 weeks right now. All the manufactures we’ve spoken with still have some stock but are not committing to delivery deadlines. New equipment orders may be in jeopardy of serious delay.
  • Ropes, Traveling Cables, and Accessories
    • Current stock exists and some custom parts can be obtained, but workers are limited, and some factories are completely shut down. Expected delivery times should be around 12 weeks.

We’re committed to working with you and walking through these uncertain times together. It’s right there in our name – we’re about solutions. So, stay tuned for updates as we get them.

About the Authors

David DeBiasse

General Manager
As the general manager of Henderson Building Solutions, a construction and commissioning company that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Engineers, DeBiasse manages and trains team members, oversees contracts, manages project completion, and leads the estimating group. He leverages his previous industry experience as a contractor to deliver solutions to clients.