Jenny Hayden

Construction Manager
As a teenager, Jenny often worked on building projects alongside her father, a plumber. She developed an love for the construction industry during those formative years, finding it a natural fit for her curious personality. After nearly two decades in real estate and construction, she joined the Henderson Building Solutions team in 2018 and has since been involved with virtually every aspect of our organization including administrative, accounting, operations, and even serving as an onboarding liaison for new employees.

Now a construction manager, Jenny oversees and directs construction projects from conception to completion, ensuring we deliver quality end results for clients. Her close involvement in a wide range of specialties at our firm gives her a unique understanding and appreciation for the complexities of every piece that must align perfectly for a building to function as intended. With Jenny's passion for learning and second nature for picking up new skills, our team is sure to remain at the forefront of innovation and best practices on every project we take on.


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