In 1917, Pierre Cartier purchased a New York mansion to expand his company’s operations to America. Today the historic Fifth Avenue mansion still stands proud along with more than 285 Cartier boutiques worldwide.

Being a part of Cartier’s commissioning program has allowed Henderson Building Solutions to establish trust – leading Cartier to entrust them with their flagship, an important piece of their history.

The biggest challenge the team faced was incorporating modern systems into a building built before they were invented or required. We focused on testing and optimizing the mechanical, electrical, elevator and plumbing systems. The team also coordinated designers and contractors to ensure high-functioning, maintainable systems.

After more than two years of construction, the systems at the Cartier Mansion are modern and efficient. The home’s grandeur was recaptured and it remains a majestic tribute to the legacy of this timeless brand.


New York, NY

Project Size

Approx. 50,000 SF


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