In order to enhance the security and integrity of their laboratory spaces and to keep pace with recent growth, the FDA set plans to relocate their operations. Henderson Building Solutions was referred to the client and ultimately hired to help complete the relocation. The full-service analytical laboratory tests food, feeds, and dietary supplements for toxic elements, metals contamination, mycotoxins, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and industrial chemicals.

Henderson Building sought to utilize our extensive technical knowledge and experience working both for the government entities and in the laboratory environment to provide high level client care. During the construction phase and the installation process, we discovered certain elements were not meeting the standards set by all parties. At each of these milestones, we increased the frequency of site inspections and decided to involve strategic team members for the remaining duration of the project. This simple step gave the owner and client peace of mind that our team is willing to do what it takes to deliver a successful project. During the functional performance testing of one system, it became evident that some of the programming was not accomplishing the design intent from the EOR. We worked alongside the engineers and programmers to troubleshoot and determine a solution that was in the best interest of the building occupants and the life expectancy of the equipment. Our collaborative approach kept the project moving along without placing blame on any parties involved, which is vital to the owner’s bottom line, and, in the end, delivered a code-compliant installation and successful project.


Lenexa, KS

Project Size

Approx. 60,000 SF

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