Serving the surrounding community for more than three decades, Rio Grande Regional Hospital is devoted to giving patients trustworthy and top-quality care. However, several of the hospital’s elevators had begun to show symptoms of issues that could require extensive repairs to the hydraulic systems. Additionally, the various problems were keeping their elevators in a repeated state of shutdown with repair cost projections exceeding that of a modernization. Familiar with the transparency and value Henderson Building Solutions brings to the table through our previous work with the hospital, Rio Grande partnered with our team to complete the modernizations, bringing their elevators back into their model of quality and safety.

Completing work in the hoistways, shafts, elevator pits, cabs, and machine rooms, Henderson Building Solutions modernized 10 hospital elevators located within six separate hoistways. Elevators are essential to the operations of any multi-story building; however, hospital elevators are critical for fluidly moving staff, patients, and supplies – sometimes in scenarios where every second counts. Since elevators are required to be removed from service when work is performed on them, there’s a disruption to the planned flow of people and supplies for a facility’s normal operations. Through utilizing our expertise, thorough inspections, and in-depth interaction with the client, our team was able to identify the level of facility impact the modernizations would cause, provide effective traffic re-routing to counteract that impact, and ensure safety measures were in place throughout the project. By also maintaining communication with local code officials, we were able to address any code changes necessary for the elevator systems, hoistways, life safety systems, and security systems. When setting a budget accounting for the more serious potential repairs, our team found that all major areas of concern could be addressed with a lower order of magnitude repair and we were happy to wrap the project with almost $1,000,000 in savings for the client.

At Henderson, we pride ourselves on building safe, high-quality environments. Knowing that our work is contributing to our client’s ability to care for patients and the community in a bigger and better way is something that we can really get behind.


McAllen, TX

Project Size

Approx. 200,000 SF


Construction Management, Vertical & Horizontal Transportation

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