Pioneer Natural Resources had resided in its headquarters for more than twenty years and was ready for fresh surroundings. Henderson Building Solutions was selected by KDC as commissioning provider of record for the firm’s new HQ. Designed by HKS and built by Austin Commercial, the new Pioneer headquarters building provides an outstanding base of operations featuring a combination glass curtain wall and stone wall facade; situated prominently on a hillock overlooking Irving, TX. Featured amenities include a fitness center, an employee cafeteria, a town hall, a daycare, and a seven-story parking garage. The daycare includes an outdoor water park and a playground. Convenient access to commuter rail is nearby, along with fine residential and retail developments. The project achieved LEED v3 Gold Certification, emphasizing a commitment toward building and operating sustainable office facilities.

Integral to achieving that certification was Henderson Building’s role in providing new construction commissioning of the building systems. Our services began during the design phase. We provided design reviews and commissioning specifications to the design team, which helped improve the value the contract documents allowed in their instruction for the building’s erection and fitting out. Once in construction, we provided submittal reviews to help confirm the project team’s focus remained on the owner’s project requirements; furthering the team’s commitment to sustained quality assurance.
Special teams implementing the manufacturers’ start-up procedures handled the installation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, as well as bringing equipment into service. Through pre-functional checklists, we verified that expected installation outcomes were achieved during these start-up processes.

As we moved into the functional testing period, teams led by Henderson Building assessed the mechanical systems at a component level, a system level, and a campus level so Pioneer’s building operations team could operate and maintain the facility with confidence. Both interior and exterior lighting controls were tested within the entire facility. This included daylighting and shading controls for the building’s many conference rooms. Domestic hot water systems were tested on all floors as well as in the kitchen and dining areas to ensure proper water temperature was achieved within the time required. Finally, a campus wide black-site test was completed to confirm emergency power systems worked as intended – providing life-safety support for building occupants and supporting certain critical infrastructure. Two LEED commissioning credit points were accomplished along with the prerequisite, thus helping the team achieve LEED Gold Certification.

When installation and functionality issues were identified during testing (this is normal), we provided timely notice about the nature of the issues to our client and the installing contractors. We then helped them resolve the issues to achieve the best value outcome for the owner. Our support continued through close-out and occupancy. In addition to overseeing the training provided to the facility’s building operator, we verified that a record of requirements for proper operations and maintenance was provided to them.

At the end of the project, Henderson Building provided a final commissioning report highlighting key achievements of the commissioning process and identifying any outstanding construction or design issues that could affect functionality. Ten months into occupancy, we met with the building operations team and assessed the building’s functionality to review any persistent issues affecting economical operation or just plain functionality problems. A report was developed for the owner’s use in addressing the concerns raised by the building operators. We also remained available to the operations team throughout the first-year warranty period to support their efforts toward achieving the sustainability goals established by KDC and Pioneer, as well as realizing economic operation of the facility.


Irving, TX

Project Size

Approx. 1,125,000 SF




LEED NC Gold Certified


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