Henderson Building Solutions provided commissioning services for two 8-story, 320,000 SF corporate office buildings located in Kansas City, Kansas. The building is equipped with a 1790 ton variable primary chiller plant and a 13,600 MBH boiler plant.

The floors are served by a dedicated outside air unit that supplies neutral outside air to the spaces. Each floor has an air handling unit that is connected to zone variable air volume terminal units with hot water reheating coils to provide zone heating and cooling. Variable refrigerant flow units provide cooling to critical zone areas. The building has an energy recovery wheel on the dedicated outside air unit that captures and/or rejects exhaust and relief heat back into the supply air stream to save energy.

Services included a peer review of construction documents, on-site coordination of pre-functional and functional testing, and training verification.


Kansas City, KS

Project Size

Approx. 320,000 SF



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