Jim Thornton

Certified Energy Manager

An experienced senior technical leader and lead commissioning agent for Henderson Building Solutions, Jim Thornton provides project and staff development, project management, business development, and process quality improvement daily. His knowledge of commercial and industrial facilities operations and commissioning draws from nearly four decades in the industry. What keeps Jim in this line of work are the opportunities to teach and mentor younger engineers, interact with clients, troubleshoot technical issues, and improve upon the delivery of our commissioning processes. According to Jim, commissioning is a quality assurance process that can greatly improve a project’s outcome when properly applied. While the commissioning process itself is simple, the nuances involved in applying it properly define the difference between a successful outcome and a failed paperwork exercise. When asked about the most challenging part of his work, Jim quickly responded with, ”Guarding against explaining how a clock works when someone has only asked for the time.“ We hear you, Jim.