Greg York

Senior Commissioning Agent | Project Manager

As one of our commissioning agents, Greg York has been testing and balancing complex building systems in hospitals, schools, and other spaces for more than a decade. Working directly with the design and construction team to ensure building performance, he truly understands the way things work. We think of Greg as someone who has the ability to see systems holistically, even when he is working inside an air handling unit. Whether it’s his push to maximize efficiency or his drive to produce the best project outcome, he and his team at Henderson Building Solutions all come together every day for one primary goal: to deliver a space where people are happy and healthy. And Greg won’t stop until he gets the job done right. This Tennessee native brings more than just his technical proficiency to the office. Greg’s southern hospitality is certainly reflected in his work, and has had a positive impact on his relationships with both colleagues and clients. Even though he’s one of our newest team members — joining our Henderson family in 2017 — it’s safe to say we’ll keep him around for a while.